Herman Bavinck, Essays on Religion, Science, and Society. John Bolt, editor; Harry Boonstra and Gerrit W. Sheeres, translators. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2008.

      Selected by Bavinck shortly before his death in 1921 as representing his best thought on a wide range of current issues, these essays appeared posthumously. They provide his penetrating reflection in the fields of ethics, education, politics, psychology, evolution, natural science, philosophy of religion, and aesthetics. He intended that they be read has the application of his mature dogmatic thinking to cultural and scientific developments that the believing community is compelled to deal with in modernity. The collection reflects the scope of this outstanding theologian’s learning as well as his solid grounding in Scripture as the enduring Word of God.

      The volume includes the biographical essay and tribute written by Bavinck’s close friend, Henry Elias Dosker, Dutch immigrant and professor of Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, that was published in The Princeton Theological Review, 1922.

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